Archive | November 2016

Some new articles

Am very happy to say that I have had some articles published recently. The first is somewhat technical for the non-specialist (!), it assesses the extent to which Variety of Capitalism theory explains the implementation of European soft law, but appears in the well-known Journal of Common Market Studies:

A second is a little less technical and appears in the December edition of the Journal of European Social Policy. The article discusses the future of the European social dialogue in the light of the recent centralization of European economic governance:

A third is the most accessible for the non-specialist, it concerns reasons for divergences in working conditions in different Eurozone countries and is relatively jargon free, and was published a few months ago in European Journal of Industrial Relations:

All articles also require academic log-ins. Academic colleagues will have such details, but please let me know if you are unattached to an academic institution but interested in these articles; I would be more than happy to send you copies by email.