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Campaigning to stay!

Am happy to say that I have signed up as a volunteer for the Britain Stronger In Europe campaign. Despite being fascinated by politics for many years I have (to my shame!) never really been politically active, and thought that the current referendum campaign was a good chance to change that. Volunteering for things is generally a good habit, and this is an issue I am unusually passionate about. When I look at the sides lining up in the current campaign I indeed see all I like about Britain in one corner, and all I dislike about Britain in the other corner (personified by the reptiles Farage, Galloway and Johnson).

I have already been campaigning, and really enjoyed the experience. My co-campaigners are really nice, and it is great to interact with members of the public (even if some Brexiters are rather frank about their loyalties!). Here is a picture of us leafleting outside Cardiff Central station last week:


If anyone would like to join us please sign up at