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Welcome to the blog…

Hello there! My name is Thomas Prosser and this is my blog. I created this blog because I love writing and am passionate about a range of political issues, and so will here post short essays that I have written on topics that interest me and jot down some of the thoughts that occur to me on the issues of the day. If my political views had to be pinned down I would identify myself as a moderate left-liberal, but my opinions are quite eclectic and on some issues I hold very left-wing opinions and on others somewhat conservative ones. By day I am a Lecturer at Cardiff Business School at Cardiff University* and specialize in the study of European labour markets. My research interests here focus on EU-level social policy and the study of precarious work in Europe, and although these are things I may occasionally write about I will generally cast my net a little wider on this blog. I also used to be an activist in the international secular humanist movement. Though I am still a secularist and remain sceptical about religion’s influence, I’m not so interested in this area anymore and so probably won’t write much about this topic.

Otherwise I am a (fairly!) regular 30 year old Welsh guy. In terms of my other interests I like good food, travelling (I have lived in a few European countries other than UK), and spending time with my lovely girlfriend. I also love torturing the French and Spanish languages, and have recently moved on to my girlfriend’s native Polish tongue. It sometimes embarrasses me to admit so in polite company, but I am also a bit of a sports watching fanatic. Here I support Swansea in football, Wales in rugby, and England in cricket. Funnily enough all three of these sides were terrible when I was growing up watching them in the 1990s, but all are now rather good.

* I also must make the brief disclaimer that all views expressed are my own. Though there are many issues in UK higher education that I hold opinions about, I will also try to refrain from wading into these issues on this blog.